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Pushkar is a sacred town for the Hindus, situated 11 kms. to the North-West of Ajmer. The charm of this sleepy, lakeside settlement so captivated the great Indian poet, Kalidas,that it found a place in his classic, Abhigyan Sakuntalam. The Great Hindu epics of Mahabharat and Ramayana make references to this religious place regarded to be Adi Tiratha. Evidence points to its having existed during the Fourth century B.C. Lake in the inhospitable surroundings of a desert is no less than a miracle.

The legend about the Creator God, Bramha describes the creation of this lake. When the demon Vajra NabhaBramha Tample killed Brahma's children, he in turn struck him with his weapon, a lotus flower. Vajra Nabha died with the impact, and the petals of the lotus fell at three places. One of them is Pushkar, where a lake sprung into being. Brahma is supposed to have performed sacrifice at this lake on Kartik Purnima (the full moon day of the Kartik month), hallowing the place. Sacred to Brahma, Pushkar boasts of its temple dedicated to him, which is the only one of its kind in the world. A dip in the waters of Pushkar and worship at his temple ensure salvation. So thousands flock to Pushkar to observe the ritual on kartik Purnima, or on any of the four days preceding it.

Pushkar is a sacred town for the Hindus, situated 11 kms. (7 miles) to the North-West of Ajmer.

Places to Visit:-

    Savitri Temple
    Varah Temple
    Mahadeva Temple
    Ramavaikunth Temple
    Lake And Its Many Ghats

How to reach:-

 By Air:-
Jaipur, the nearest airport is 138 kms. (86 miles).

 By Rail:-
Ajmer is connected to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Abu Road and Jodhpur by regular trains. Two of the best trains of the Indian Railways, Pink City Express and Shatabdi Express connect Ajmer to Delhi and Jaipur.

By Road :-
 A dense network of bus service operates from Ajmer to key destinations around. Distances from important tourist centres are: -

    - Jaipur: 138 kms. (86 miles).

    - Delhi: 392 kms. (244 miles).

    - Ahmedabad: 526 kms. (327 miles).

   - Jaisalmer: 490 kms. (304 miles).

   - Bikaner: 233 kms. (145 miles).