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Yatra to Baba Amarnath Holy Cave for which one has to trek a height of about 14,500 ft is full of thrill and joy .The feeling of divine which is always beneath ones' heart , burst out and one realizes ‘Moksha’ as one attends the Cave and perform the prayer before the Shivlinga . Surrounded by beautiful valleys, mountains, a journey which will rediscover the nature and its love which is always inside but one has never felt.

You are standing on a high mountain road. The way has been cold and wet. Your muscles ache and your breathing is laboured. You keep walking for this is a walk you have chosen. And over the next rise, etched against the sky is the abode of Shiva. Here the eternal ascetic, the Lord of the Dance, the Destroyer, whispered the secret of immortality into the ear of his consort. Here sages have come to ponder the cosmic, to meditate upon the divine. Here millions of devotees make their way every year, walking for 15 days or more for a spiritual encounter with the deity. Darshan at Amarnath is not easy; but what spiritual journey ever was? Terrorist attacks have added another dimension of risk to an arduous trek. But still they go to that imposing mountain, that quiet cave, that lingam of ice. Still they come, for the Lord calls

How to Reach


The nearest airport is Srinagar, 140 km away. Direct flights are available only from New Delhi. Both Indian Airlines and Jet Airways fly to Srinagar. The airport is about 14 km from the city centre. Flights from Delhi to Srinagar via Jammu.


The nearest railway station is Jammu Tawi. All major Indian states are connected to Jammu via rail. Train bookings usually have to be made at least a month ahead, specially during the month of the yatra.


Jammu is well-connected to places in north India by National Highway 1A and other major all-weather roads. Buses and jeeps are available for Pahalgam or Srinagar. You can make reservations for vehicles at the Tourist Reception Centres in any of these places. There is no motorable road to the cave. A bus takes you to Chandanwari from Pahalgam (16 km) through a dusty course, which is steep and narrow and barely allows for two-way traffic.

From Chandanwari, which is the first base camp for the trek, ponies, dolis or dandis (palanquin) and porters are available to the cave and back. The doli comprises a seat balanced on four wooden logs. This is carried by four to eight men all the way up to the cave and back. It is advisable to take a pony although for regular trekkers the walk is not difficult. You may also want to hire a porter to carry your luggage.

The road connecting Jammu to Srinagar, National Highway 1A, is a good all-weather road with only a few sharp inclines and hair-pin bends. All reservations can be made at the tourist centres in Jammu, Srinagar or Pahalgam. Buses are available to all major destinations.