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Kota is one of the most prominent cities in the state of Rajasthan and is situated on the banks of the Chambal River. It is also known as the ‘Industrial Capital of the State’ as it is home to several major power plants and industries. The largest fertilizer plant of Asia is also located in Kota. The place also serves as a major hub for trade between Gujarat and Delhi. The destination is also known as the educational hub of Rajasthan because of the presence of a number of engineering colleges and institutes.

Kota Facts:

• Area 221.36 sq. km
• Population 5,37,371
• Altitude 251.1 metres above sea level
• Languages Rajasthani and Hindi
• STD Code 0744
• Best time to visit October–February

Places To Visit


Situated in the old palace, it houses a rich collection of Rajput miniature paintings of the Kota school, exquisite sculptures, frescoes, arms and other valuable antiques. The museum is the treasure bouse of artistic items used by the former rulers of Kota. Timings : 11AM to 5 PM Entry Fee : Rs.7/- per person for Indians and Rs40 per person for foreign tourist Camera Fee: Rs.35/- and Rs. 70/- Holiday : Every Friday and National Holidays


It is situated in Brijvilas Palace, Kshar bagh near Kishore Sagar Lake. It has superb collection of rare coins, manuscripts and representative selection of Hadoti sculpture. A piece brought here from Baroli (Badoli) is noteworthy for its beauty and historical interest. Timings : 10AM to 5 PM Entre Fee : Rs.2/- Holiday : Every Friday and National Holidays Photography is prohibited. It is allowed only with the permission of Director of Archaeology and Museums, Jaipur.


Kishore Sagar, a picturesque artificial lake was constructed in 1346 by the prince Dhee Deh of Bundi. Jagmandir and aesthetic monument was built in the middle of the lake with ripples of the blue waters enhancing the serenity. Boating facility is an added attraction of the place. Near the lake is Kshar Bagh, famous for its royal cenotaphs.


The lush green garden near Amar Niwas Palace makes a lovely picnic spot. While absorbing the ambience of the place one can enjoy boating in River Chambal.


It is situated on the bank of River Chambal, near Garh - Palace. It is famous for its frescoes. The haveli has few rooms full of miniature paintings, which are worth a visit. It is a private residence. Prior permission is required to visit the Haveli.


This is the irrigation canal system on the Chambal river. The beautiful setting here is just ideal for a stroll.


A rare four faced Shivlinga is installed here Other places to see Mathuradheesh temple, Bhitria Kund, Adhar Shila, traffic Park, Adhar Shila and Budh Singh Bafna Haveli are worth seeing.

How To Reach


There is a small aerodrome, which is not operational. Nearest main airport is Jaipur (240 km).


Kota is well connected by Train with all major cities in the state and outside the state.


Kota is located on the N.H. No. 12 (Jaipur - Jabalpur) and well connected with all major ciites.