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Are you planning to travel to India? Do you have any questions on traveling to India? Everyday prospective tourists ask variety of questions. Here are few things that tourists want to know:

Is India affordable to visit?
India is one of the affordable tourist destinations in the world. Not only it is affordable, but it is a peaceful country where you will find different types of cultures and traditions collected at one place. You can explore India within your budget. The currency denomination is less as compared to the most of Western and European nations. It is a plus point for the Western and European tourists.

Do I need the Visa to travel to India?
India is a sovereign country and it is the republic. If you are not an Indian citizen, you will need a legitimate tourist visa to visit India. For this purpose, you have to consult Indian Embassy in your country. You can visit the Indian Visa and consulate website to get reliable information on the tourist visa to India.

Is it possible that I can carry the electric appliance from my country to India and use it?
Yes, you are permitted to carry the electric appliance from your country and use it anywhere in India. However, for more information, you need to consult the Indian Visa and Immigration office. There are few electronic devices that are not permitted to be brought to India.

What is the best time to visit to India?
India is surrounded with diversified landscape, and every landscape offers different types of climates. You will find the weather patterns varying from one place to another. India can be visited ay time of the year. It largely depends on what type of activity you would like to carry out. For more information, you can visit the Indian government tourism website.

Can I travel India during the Monsoon season?
Of course! You can plan your trip to India during the Monsoon time. It is the best time of year. Most foreign tourists love to come to India experience the Monsoon season. It is a perfectly safe to be in India during the Monsoons.

What are the best shopping spots in India?
There are many best shopping spots in India and you have to explore them for yourself. Every state and region has its own popular shopping spot. These spots offer not only traditional items but also many types of modern items as well. You have to be sure about the type of articles/items you need to buy!

How can I find the options for adventure tourism in India?
Arrive in Delhi and the next thing that you should be doing is shop around to gain knowledge on the customized adventure tours. There are several private tour operators in India who offer some of the best adventure travels. Check out with them!

Which is the best place to go for Camel Safari?
Rajasthan is the suitable place where you will find good number of opportunities to ride camel safari. Rajasthan is the princely state of India known for its royalty. You can also catch the glimpse of very unique camel festival.